Caught You Stealing Undies

You are roommates with Sebastian Keys and Christian Wilde.  As you’re about to walk into the kitchen you overhear them talking about you.  They know you’ve been stealing their underwear and jerking off on it.  The jig is up!

Just as you’re about to run away they notice you eavesdropping and tell you to come in.  They confront you directly about you’re creepy behavior.  

“Look, just fucking get it out of your system.  Pull out your dick right now and jerk off in front of us…”

They call you a creep and humiliate you, but they aren’t kicking you out.  You do have to buy them new underwear, but just jerk off now in front of them and they’ll let you keep living with them.  They pull down their pants and tease you with their bulges in their underwear while you stroke your cock.  They make you edge a little bit before you are allowed to blow your load on the kitchen floor.