Teacher in a Slutty Trance

[This was a custom video.  It cost $600.  If you would like to commission one, contact Lance at lance@pervout.com]

Lance used to be a professor at an esteemed university.  He has fallen from grace after being put under a spell by one of his students, and was caught wearing women’s lingerie and acting like a whore.

Now he is teaching English 101 in a community college, and is not excited about it.  He begins his class but is quickly interrupted when he sees the student who put him under the original spell.  Lance is confused as to how this could be happening again.  Before he knows what’s happening, the student reactivates the spell and Lance begins to strip and touch himself.

The student tells him that this is all an illusion, and Lance is actually at a bachelor party.  These are his students in front of him, but actually horny men looking for a show.  Lance is their entertainment…  Lance leaves and comes back wearing women’s lingerie and is compelled to put on a slutty show.  He begs for their cocks while he strokes his until he cums all over himself like a whore.

He is released from the spell and is mortified to see a room full of real students.  He leaves humiliated, covered in his own cum.